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What happened?

On the 29th August Tommy, his girlfriend Charlotte & friends John & Chris travelled to Beckton in London to visit Tommy's cousin Joe. The group finished up in the Ferndale Pub in Cyprus Place, Beckton. Chris & Charlotte returned to Harlow around 10:30 PM. We cannot go into detail about what happened next until after the trial.

Tommy's mum Mel received a phone call at about 1:00 AM notifying her that Tommy had been wounded & she rushed to Newham Hospital. Tommy died at 2.50 AM on the 1st September 2006 at Newham hospital.

On the 2nd Sepember Jamie Turpin handed himself in to the police in relation to the attack- on the 3rd September he was charged with the murder of Tommy Jones.

The Trial

The Trial commences on 22nd March 2007 at the Old Bailey. Jamie Turpin is pleading 'Not Guilty' of murder- come back here for updates

About Tom

Tommy was born on Saturday 9th december 1989 Princess Alexandria Hospital in Harlow at 8.38pm sharing the same birthday as his Great Grandad. He was a healthy 7lb 14oz the biggest out of all his brothers and sisters. Tommy had an older brother Ammy (just 11 months older), then a brother Joe, two younger sisters Naomi & Delicia & a little baby brother Alfie.

Tommy was very much like like description of his  starsign bleow. As a baby he was every bit the mummy's boy. I could not leave him anywhere. I could only sneak away if Ammy was close by & Tommy wasn't looking. Tommy was a lazy baby, by the time he was walking at 15 months it was like having twins (Tommy & Ammy). They were always dressed the same, copying each other  and getting up to mischief- they were also both very keen on an early start to the day.

Tommy loved music from a early age, he also loved He-man, Powerrangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . His favourite was Wrestling - either with action figures or with his brother & friends. Uncle Jack called the boys 'The Stiner Brothers'- they were a little team on their own.

When Tommy was young we moved around quite a bit, he didn't mind, he saw it as an adventure. Due to this Tommy attended a few different schools- his main school was Hare Street. Tommy never really took to school life even from nursery age. I remember he was at Nursery when he learned to ride a two wheeler bike. Shortly after that we were at a bootsale when Tommy spotted this little white bike, he just jumped on and took off peddling away. I ended up buying it for him for £6, he took it to nursery everyday & would barely ever go out without it.

Tommy loved animals, although he felt he had a phobia of small furry animals so he wasn't too keen on Mice, Gerbals, Hamsters or Rats. Dogs were his favourite animals followed by Chickens. Tommy used to pretend to be a Dog when he was a little boy. He had a real connection & understanding with Dogs, he could train any Dog- whatever it's nature. He was a very sporty, active child playing football, basketball & going to karate & scouts. He was en extremely lovable & popular boy from a very young age & this was true throughout his years growing up.

"The Centaur" Short Summary

Sagittarians are fun loving, generous and extremely friendly. They very rarely tell lies, in fact they're so open about everything, the whole world knows what they're up to. They have marvellous intuitions that they should take notice of. They're pretty clever because they're so interested in everything. They can be a bit rude but that's only because they're very honest and will say exactly what they think. They love travel, fast cars and horse riding. They also love spending money, so a credit card should be avoided. Long Summary Sagittarians are great company because they are interested in everything and everyone. Broad-minded and lacking in prejudice, they are fascinated by even the strangest of people. With their optimism and humour, they are often the life and soul of the party, while they are in a good mood. They can become quite downhearted, crabby and awkward on occasion, but not usually for long. They can be hurtful to others because they cannot resist speaking what they see as the truth, even if it causes embarrassment. However, their tactlessness is usually innocent and they have no desire to hurt.

Sagittarians need an unconventional lifestyle, preferable one that allows them to travel. They cannot be cooped up in a cramped environment and they need to meet new people and to explore a variety of ideas during theirs days work. Money is not their god - they will work for a pittance if they feel inspired by the task. Their values are spiritual rather than material. Many are attracted to the spiritual side of life and may be interested in the church, philosophy, astrology and other new age subjects. Higher education and legal matters attract them because they need to feel free and unfettered but they can do well with a self-sufficient and independent partner. Despite all this intellectualism and need for freedom, Sagittarians have a deep need to be cuddled and touched and they need to be supported emotionally.